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Who is ZAIA?

ZAIA is a social and scientific network that uses a transparent, rich information flow to reimagine the cancer patient care journey. She is the connecting tissue that protects data from loss and makes it available to patients and doctors in real time.

ZAIA is a companion to patients, a confidant for clinicians, a clarifier for pharma, and an assertion to insurers as a person-centric intelligence platform that unifies everything that happens outside the medical record.

ZAIA optimizes health-care systems and institutions by translating cutting-edge medicine to the algorithmic language of AI. For this purpose, our team develops mathematical techniques trees in diagnosis, staging, medical/surgical treatment, and molecular biology, which are then integrated into a virtual platform to serve as a support system for clinical reasoning.

The integration of medical support systems with advanced analytics enables ZAIA to be the ideal partner for doctors as well as the greatest companion and monitoring system for patients.

How was ZAIA born?

We live in a reality in which healthcare systems are inefficient and dehumanized.
ZAIA was born out of the desire to improve them for patients, MDs, and healthcare professionals.

ZAIA was created as a platform that not only improves the health-care experience, but also allows for the capture of the patient's perspective and environment, as well as linking patients with healthcare professionals. ZAIA digitizes and connects industry agents with what happens outside of the medical record.

The information being lost, misused or miscommunicated today in the patient care journey is as debilitating as the illness, disease or syndromes the patients are facing.


In the age in which we live, this loss is both unthinkable and unnecessary.

The Problem

ZAIA is a social and scientific network that redefines the patient care journey through a transparent, rich information flow. 

She is the connecting tissue that safeguards data from loss and brings the data to bear in real-time for both patients and providers.

The Solution

"Personalized medicine tries to look for individual patterns to find the correct treatment at the correct time and with the correct dose."

Joaquín Mariano

Questions about ZAIA?

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