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Embracing the Digital Health Revolution

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Digital Health,
Personalized For You

At Singularity Health, we recognize the unique journey every patient undergoes. Our cutting-edge solution, Florenz, empowers you to take control of your health, ensuring you receive the tailored care you deserve, right at the comfort of your home.


Autonomy in Health Management

Florenz: Organize and schedule your medications, never missing a dose again.

Real-time Health Monitoring

Florenz: Effortlessly record your vital signs and receive clear visual updates.

Direct Communication

Florenz: Connect directly with your medical team, ensuring they are updated about your well-being.

Empowerment and Confidence

Florenz: With the symptom tracking feature, be proactive about your health and communicate more effectively with healthcare professionals.


“With Florenz, I no longer worry about missing my medications. It's been a game-changer!”

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How Florenz works

Sign Up: Easily create your profile and input your health details.

Integrate: Connect with your healthcare professionals and sync medical devices if needed.

Engage: Use Florenz for daily health management.

Stay Update: Receive alerts, reminders, and feedback, ensuring you're always on top of your health.

Embark on Your Digital Health Journey with Florenz
Download the Florenz app today and take the first step towards an empowered healthcare experience.
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Coming Soon
Monaco for Patients

We're always innovating for your benefit. Soon, you'll have the power of Monaco right at your fingertips - ask health questions and get accurate answers based on medical guidelines. Stay tuned!

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