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At Singularity Health Canada Corp, we recognize that collaboration amplifies innovation. Our partner ecosystem is a testament to our commitment to co-create revolutionary healthcare solutions that redefine chronic care delivery.

Why Partner with Singularity Health?

Innovative Solutions: Introducing Florenz and Monaco to health institutions not only paves the way for enhanced patient care but also positions your organization at the forefront of digital health evolution.

Expand Offerings: With our digital platforms, you can provide comprehensive, patient-centric solutions to your clientele, reinforcing your market positioning.
Dedicated Support: Our team ensures smooth integration, training, and continuous support, facilitating a seamless experience for both our partners and their end-users.

Mutual Growth: We believe in growing together. Collaborating with us means tapping into new markets, expanding your product line, and staying ahead of industry trends.

Revenue Opportunities: Beyond introducing transformative solutions, partnering with us offers attractive revenue streams and financial benefits.


Our Esteemed Partners

We take immense pride in our collaborative journeys. Here's a glimpse into our partner ecosystem:


South America

We're honored to have collaborated with esteemed organizations that share our dedication to reimagining healthcare:

US Medical


 Together, we've explored and executed comprehensive strategies to optimize chronic care delivery across the USA. Their vast network and expertise have been instrumental in our shared success.



A trusted name in Canada's healthcare landscape, Afentix has worked closely with us to streamline patient care and reduce healthcare costs domestically.

About us.png

Become a Partner

We're constantly on the lookout for forward-thinking organizations eager to redefine healthcare with us. If you're interested in introducing Florenz and Monaco to a broader audience and exploring collaboration opportunities, let's get started!

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