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Welcome to Florenz PATIENT

Florenz is your personal health companion, always by your side, reminding you when to take your medications, helping you record your vital signs and allowing you to report how you are feeling.

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Imagine having a small health assistant in your pocket, guiding you day by day to keep an adequate control of your well-being.

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Florenz Patient Benefits

Friendly Reminders

Forget about complicated alarms. Zaia alerts you in a simple way when to take your medications.

Direct communication

In case something goes wrong, Zaia informs your medical team, allowing them to intervene in time.

Control of your health

You can easily record vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate and others, and see how they vary over time.


Having a deeper understanding and control of your health gives you peace of mind and empowers you on your path to wellness.

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Let’s talk

We love to hear from our users.

If you have any improvements, suggestions, find a bug in our applications, or believe that a HIPAA rule has been violated, please let us know:

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Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to us. Please review our privacy policy to understand how we protect your information and how we use it.

Privacy policies

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