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Your Smart Guide to Medicine

Artificial intelligence revolutionizing the medical practice.

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Monaco web

Access directly from any browser


Local Guide Based Search

Can Run Offline

Intuitive Interface

Patient Insights


Immediate access to answers
From hospital or institution specific clinical guidelines.

Uninterrupted access
Designed for situations without internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted access to vital information.

Optimized experience
Simplifies consultation and speeds up the decision-making process.

Analysis and insight
Data-driven to improve patient understanding and treatment.

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Your Smart Clinical Reference Assistant

Florence is the perfect companion for fast and accurate consultations, providing you with answers based on hospital medical guidelines in real time or offline.

Technical & Integration Information

Available on the web, desktop and mobile applications.

Possibility to customize and train Florence with institution-specific guidelines and data.


Robust approach to data protection, complying with international security and privacy standards.

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Get to know our way of transforming the health sector and participate in this purpose.
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Right to Erasure

Ee respect your privacy and understand that you may wish to have your personal information removed from our records.

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