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Improve Attention with Zaia and Florence

At Singularity Health, we offer you two powerful tools designed to empower your ability to care: Zaia, which connects you directly to the health and well-being of your patients, and Florence, your intelligent clinical referral assistant.

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Zaia: Navigate Your Patients' Wellness

Zaia acts as a bridge between you and your patients, providing you with real-time alerts, detailed patient health monitoring and more efficient communication.


Benefits of Zaia for Healthcare Personnel

Real-time monitoring

Receive alerts and updates on your patients, allowing early interventions.

Health history

Easily access your patients' vital signs and symptom history.

Effective communication

Facilitates conversation and information exchange between doctor and patient.

Download our ZAIA HEALTH app


Florence: Your Intelligent Clinical Referral Assistant

Florence is the perfect companion for fast and accurate consultations, providing you with answers based on hospital medical guidelines in real time or offline.

Florence Benefits for Healthcare Personnel

Quick inquiries

Get answers based on hospital medical guidelines in seconds.

Constant updates

With training based on the available guides, you always have access to the latest information.

Flexibility and convenience

Operates online for real-time updates or locally when offline.

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